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Why Me Lyrics

Why me, why me oh baby baby tell me why
Four o´clock in the night
and I just can not close my eyes
cause now that you have gone
this is not living just holding on
I was blaming you you were blaming me
and this is not the way that love should be
I gave you all my life I got back lies
Why me, why me oh baby baby why
why me, why me oh baby baby tell me why
What is good what is bad

love´s got no rules and that´s so sad
when you offer your life
all you get back is tears to cry
And sometimes I wish that you´d just pretend
that you loved me though it is not true
if you´d just make believe I wouldn´t feel blue
why me, why me...
you let me let me down
why me why me
you hurt this heart of mine, why me

Writer(s): Giorgio Spagna, Ivana Spagna, Alfredo Pignagnoli

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Spagna (born Ivana Spagna, in Italy) started her career singing in English, and her first dance song "Easy Lady" (1986) was a hit throughout Europe. In 1987 she released her second successful hit, "Call Me". It ranked 1st in the European Top Chart, hit Number Two in the UK singles chart (and it is still the highest position ever achieved by an Italian singer in the UK), and made #13 in the Billboard Dance Chart.

The same year her first album, featuring the two singles, was released. Dedicated To The Moon sold 500,000 copies, and won an international prize for having been the best-selling album on Compact Disc that year.

After a dance-rock album, You Are My Energy, and one more minor hit in the UK chart ("Every Girl and Boy"), by 1990 Spagna, supported by Sony Music, moved to the USA. She lived in Santa Monica, working on her new disco-pop album No Way Out. This collection featured a song written by Diane Warren ("There's A Love"), and the two singles which released in the USA - "Love At First Sight" and "Only Words".

In 1993 Spagna moved back to Europe again, and recorded Matter Of Time, considered by many her best album, featuring new eurodance rhythms and ballads.

In 1995, after the release of her last European hit ("Lady Madonna") as a single, she started singing in her native Italian. She took part several times in the Sanremo Festival, the most important Italian song-contest, ranking 3rd with the song "Gente Come Noi", which became the biggest hit of the year in Italy.

From that year onwards, Spagna released many successful albums sung in Italian, until 2003, when she left Sony Music in order to sing in English again. She joined an independent Swiss record label (B&G), and recorded Woman, a dance-pop album featuring eight new songs in English, a couple in Spanish and one in French. In 2004 a new remixed version of "Easy Lady" was released, and played by radio stations throughout Europe.

Spagna's fourteen albums have sold a total of 10 million copies worldwide.

In February 2006 she took part in the Sanremo song contest, with the song "Noi Non Possiamo Cambiare", and in May 2006 ranked 3rd in the Italian reality show "Music Farm".

[edit] Discography
Dedicated To The Moon (1987, English)
You Are My Energy (1989, English)
No Way Out (1991, English)
Spagna&Spagna: Greatest Hits (1993, English - collection)
Matter Of Time (1993, English)
Siamo In Due (1995, Italian)
Lupi Solitari (1996, Italian)
Indivisibili (1997, Italian)
E che mai sarà: le mie più belle canzoni (1998, Italian - collection)
Domani (2000, Italian)
La nostra canzone (2001, Italian)
Woman (2003, English)
L'arte di arrangiarsi (2004, Italian)
Diario Di Bordo (2005, Italian)
Diario di bordo - Voglio sdraiarmi al sole" (2006, Italian)

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